「TAKUMI NEXT 2020」にスガイワールド商品が選出

JETRO、経済産業省主催の「TAKUMI NEXT 2020」にスガイワールド商品を選出していただきました。
「TAKUMI NEXT 2020」とは、国内の各分野で活躍する、次代を担う企業の海外進出を支援する取り組みです。
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JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) have launched the project “Takumi Next 2020,” to support Japanese craftsman to expand their markets abroad. The project “Takumi Next 2020” has over 100 Japanese producers excel at the art of creation that utilize the local resources such as crafts, traditional products, and household goods that will lead the next generation of Japan. Their products present the highest quality mastery products made in Japan with strong background in traditional techniques and rich cultural context behind the works. Through the lens of these craftsmen, you can glimpse the inner workings of a nation, Japan’s history and the industries that drive its economy and its vision for the future.

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